Don't forget your hospital gown

Some people have a tough time remembering to bring their insurance card when rushing to the hospital. Others are fully prepared, with special designed gowns in their wardrobe.

Most people think that hospital clothes are boring and unfashionable, and they usually are. I am not so superficial that I highly prioritize my outfit when being hospitalized; however, I don’t think it would do any harm if the hospital clothes were pimped up a little bit. Obviously, the focus of the design is that the clothes should be practical and serve their purpose, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be boring. When researching this topic, I found that there was already a market out there for designed hospital gowns. Several companies provide a big range of stylish hospital clothes in different colors and designs. But for who? People who live in hospices and nursing homes are apparently one of the main target groups, but according to the information on their web pages and in articles, the companies also turn to people who believe it is important to be fashionably dressed in every possible occasion. It might seem quite strange to buy clothes for such a distressing situation, as being hospitalized, but apparently there are people who do. Rumors say that some celebrities have designed hospital gowns in their wardrobes. I don’t know if this is true, but I would probably also consider having one if I was chased by paparazzi. I mean, I would not like the whole world to see photos of me in an unflattering gown.

Those who are interested in preparing for being fancily dressed, if the worst occurs, can order their favorite hospital outfit online. The gowns costs $30-$50 and the ordering procedure is the same as for any other online shopping. The web pages offer many different styles of gowns and some of them have beautiful details such as appliquéd rosettes and embroidered roses. Most of the gowns are designed for women but there are some pieces of clothes for men too. What kind of hospital gown do you prefer? My favorite is this pink one:

Web pages you can check out if you are interested are:

Scrubies Wear
Hospice Gowns
Nursinghome apparel


International Education Week

During the next few days, I will post a podcast about a cultural fashion show at Central Connecticut State University. My plan was to post it earlier this week, but since I spent the last hours before Thanksgiving exploring the unfashionable hospital clothes at the ER, I wasn't able to. Until then, you can enjoy a video I have produced about International Education Week, where you can see some video clips from the fashion show.


Cheap Fashion Design

Now you can wear clothes by the same designers as Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez without paying a fortune. Three years ago the Swedish low budget brand H&M started to invite popular fashion designers to create special collections in their name. The concept was a big success and Karl Lagerfeldt, Stella McCartney and Madonna are some of the designer logos you've seen among the other clothes in the stores... or maybe haven't seen, since everything is usually sold out after just a few hours. Robert Cavalli is the latest designer creating garments for the Swedish giant, his collection was released in 200 shops around the world last Thursday with almost everything being sold out within an hour. The clothes were obviously hot stuff, and at the end of the day a lot of garments were on sale on Ebay for more than three times the price as in the stores. Personally, I didn't find the collection that special....even though leopard pattern is one of the typical characteristics in the collection (readers who are unfamiliar with my relationship to leopard patterns can get an update by the post Creating trends).

Last year Viktor and Rolf made an amazing collection à la Haute couture...and I was actually one of the crazy people skipping work and waiting outside for hours to get a head start. I wanted almost everything in the collection, but had picked two favorites I intended to fight for. Obviously I wasn't as desperate (or as good at track) as the other people in the store and didn’t manage to get to the finish line in time. When I did finally make it to the end, my sizes were all gone. I grabbed the garments in another size and tried to convince myself that they would look great even if they were a little bit oversized. However, a few minutes later a woman came up to me and wanted to trade her size small with my size large. Yey! So I ended up getting exactly what I wanted, or at least everything that I could afford. So honestly, I must say, that it was definitely worth it. The jacket and the sweater are still the two favorite items in my wardrobe and I feel happy each time I put them on.

If after reading this post, you want to experience an intense shopping moment, take a look at this video:

This video is from Robert Cavalli's opening in Amsterdam. If you want to read more about the collaboration between Robert Cavalli and H&M, take a look at this site.


A fashion abroad experience

One year ago I was supposed to study abroad in Egypt. The moment I found out I was accepted into the exchange program, my preferences when clothes-spotting changed a lot. I studied the photos my future classmates had uploaded to Facebook and tried to copy their style. For the first time in my life I craved for loose fitted long sleeved tops with high necklines. My goal was to melt into Egyptian society and dress like the students there. Unfortunately, my exchange program was cancelled two months before I was supposed to go and at the time, my wardrobe was fully updated with clothes I have never worn.

Six months later I got the opportunity to attend an exchange program at CCSU in the United States. Since I thought the American culture was much more similar to the Swedish, I didn’t think so much about what clothes to bring. Having grown up watching Grease and other college movies I thought I had a good idea about how the American students dress. But no, the first day of school I found out how much it actually differs. I felt totally overdressed when I walked into the classroom, wearing the clothes I usually wear at the university in Sweden. The student fashion at CCSU is much more casual than I am used to and there are for example a lot of students wearing sweatpants for class. I soon realized that I had brought way too much formal clothing and that I wouldn’t walk around in my high heels for long.

Talking to the other international students I found out that they have had a similar experience. One thing that surprised them the most is that some American students show up for class wearing pyjamas. That is something you would never do in our home countries. On the other hand, many of us international students are not used to living on campus. For example, most international students would have to travel by metro, bus or car to get to university and so wearing pyjamas to university would seem much more strange. Even though I would personally never consider walking around campus in my pyjamas, I must admit that it is quite nice to dress down. I have gone to class wearing my dance clothes a few times, which felt a bit weird but quite comfortable.


Student fashion around the globe

I am one of four hundred international students at Central Connecticut State University. We are all facing different issues trying to adapt to American college life. One of these, which at first sight may not be considered as so important, is the difference in fashion and clothing. Talking to some of the international students, I have learnt that the student fashion is very different around the globe. All the students I have spoken to agree that the American students dress quite differently from how they do in their home countries. But, what are the main differences?


National costumes

There is going to be an International Education Week at my University next week and we international students were asked to participate in some of the activities. One of them is an international fashion show. I got excited when I first heard about it and did immediately raise my hand to participate. As you might already have figured out by now, I am really interested in international fashion style. However, I got quite confused when a girl came up to me and said that she was looking forward to seeing the Swedish national costume. What? Swedish? Was I supposed to show the Swedish national costume? Well, of course I was since I am an international student from Sweden.

During the last years I have got so used to representing The Middle Eastern culture that I didn't even take into consideration that they expected me to show the Swedish national costume. Who has got a Swedish national costume anyway? The Swedish queen and princesses usually wear it for the National day and our holiday Midsummer Eve, but that's it. To be honest, the Swedish national costume is not that fancy and I think most of us Swedish people feel quite embarrassed by it when represented internationally. I mean, we look like peasants! Every time I work at cultural festivals and see girls walking around in these costumes I am so grateful that I chose to work with Middle Eastern culture, it is so much fancier and bling bling.

Honestly, what national costume would you chose?


Wanna buy a monster outfit?

This Halloween-thing is really big here in the US…bigger than I thought it would be. During the last week I’ve been sitting next to one monster after the other at lectures and having lunch with a lot of scary looking people. However, it has made my everyday life a little more exciting and I kind of wish that we celebrated it in Sweden too. Some of the costumes I have seen have been amazing!

Before this whole Halloween-thing started, a friend of mine took me and another international student to this huge shop called Halloween Express. It is basically what it sounds like, a shop that only sells Halloween stuff. Both my friend and I were quite impressed by the assortment of costumes and accessories, but did wonder how the shop was able to run a business during the 51 non-Halloween weeks. The answer I got when I asked was that Americans in general like to have costume parties and get dressed up. However, I have my own personal explanation for why the business keeps running: the unreasonable high prices. I completely agree that it is fun dressing up like a Green Nymph (what’s scary with that by the way?), but not fun enough for paying $42. It is especially not worth it if you’re only planning to wear it once. According to some of my friends, it is the standard here in the US to show up with a new costume every time. Obviously, I’m not really in to this whole Halloween-thing but I didn’t think it was worth the money to buy a fancy outfit either. As my friend said, think about all the fun stuff you can do with the money saved. Anyway, what happens to all these costumes when Halloween is over? One of my friends bought a monster outfit and asked me if I possibly knew of anyone who wanted to buy it. If any of you readers are interested in investing in it (and I truly understand you if you're not)… just send me an email.

Well, I went to my first Halloween-party (ever!) the Friday before the actual Halloween date. The party was arranged by the International Relations Club at my university, CCSU, and most of the people that attended were international students, like me, who had never celebrated Halloween before. Nevertheless, we were all dressed up and ready to experience something that we had only seen on the TV before. Firstly, we were all informed about what Halloween was all about, and then we started to eat cakes and take funny photos. It was fun, even though at the end of the night I still really didn’t understand what the whole celebration was about. However, from my point of view, every reason to party is a good reason….!